How To Lose Weight Before your Wedding.How To Lose Weight Before your Wedding.

How To Lose Weight Before your Wedding. Are you getting married soon and already feeling anxious?

Let’s figure this out – all the stress and erratic eating habits that happened over the past few months while you were planning every little detail for the big day has taken a toll on your health, and those extra pounds are starting to show up in all the wrong places now.

We understand that the slight pooch and flabby arms are giving you sleepless nights, and the extra kilos are standing between you and your dreamy wedding outfit.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you look your best on one of the most important days of your life. It’s not just about losing weight to look thinner, it’s about feeling amazing and healthy too.

Looking good isn’t about being perfect in every wedding photo, it’s about feeling fit and confident. And to achieve that, don’t even think about crash dieting or those heavily advertised fat-cutter pills. They come with too many unpleasant side effects. Lose weight the healthy way instead, and don’t get caught up in the details.

  1. Lose Weight by Dieting the Healthy Way: It’s important to never compromise on nutrition while trying to lose weight. People often think that crash dieting would fetch faster weight loss, but crash dieting is based on the concept of food deprivation which can trigger nutritional deficiencies, which in turn may cause hair fall and skin issues. Also, crash dieting can make you look malnourished – you want to look leaner and toned in your wedding outfit, not weak and frail, right? Lose weight the healthy way by following the
  2. Clean out the Kitchen and Pantry: In the midst of wedding outfit and makeup planning, do take the time to clean out your kitchen, pantry, and refrigerator. Get rid of processed, junky, and packaged foods. With all the wedding planning stress, it’s easy to turn to high-calorie and unhealthy comfort food stored in the kitchen and fridge. Go through
  3. Practicing portion control is essential to getting into a calorie deficit, which is when the body starts using stored fat for energy. You can create a calorie deficit without compromising nutrition by practicing portion control, so you don’t have to go through the day feeling hungry all the time. In this post, we list out “10 ways to cut portion sizes without getting hungry all over again.”
  4. Increase Fiber and Protein: If you’re looking to lose weight, these two nutrients are essential. They not only help to control appetite, but they also aid in the fat-burning process. The Rati Beauty diet is a great resource for including more protein and fiber-rich foods in your diet.
  5. Eat Fewer Refined Carbs: Refined carbs are full of empty calories, and they’re one of the main reasons people gain weight. Foods like white bread, maida, white rice, cookies, and biscuits contain refined carbs. It’s better to eat complex carbs instead.
  6. Try These Indian Superfoods: While there is no single “superfood” that can directly induce fat burning, they can help with weight loss through their nutrient-rich properties. Here’s a list of “30 Inexpensive Indian Superfoods that can Help with Weight Loss.”
  7. Avoid processed, unhealthy foods: Water retention and bloating are some common side effects of consuming processed foods. These types of foods are loaded with calories, high sodium and sugar content, which can stall fat burning. It’s best to give up on processed, ultra-processed food, and eat whole foods instead.
  8. Including HIIT workouts in your routine: can help boost your fat-burning potential. HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a popular workout method that has been shown to be more effective at burning fat than traditional cardio exercises like walking or running on the treadmill. What’s more, HIIT workouts can also help keep your metabolism high all day long. This is because HIIT raises oxygen consumption levels, which in turn increases the activity of enzymes that are responsible for fat burning and decreases the activity of enzymes that produce fat. If you’re looking for a great HIIT workout to try at home, check out this list of “7 Minute Fat Burning HIIT Exercises.”
  9. Say no to sugar: Eliminating sugary drinks, cupcakes, ketchup, jam, chocolates, candies, and fizzy drinks from your diet is a major step in preventing weight gain. Reducing your sugar intake can help you lose weight quickly, including stubborn belly fat.
  10. Make Time to Work Out: We know how busy you are, but it’s important to make time to workout if you want to lose weight. Exercise burns calories, boosts metabolism, and tones the body, so try to work out at least three or four times a day.
  11. Being on your feet:throughout the day helps burn calories and boost metabolism. However, one hour of gymming isn’t enough to lose weight. To maintain a healthy weight, keep moving throughout the day and practice NEAT activities. NEAT stands for non-exercise activity thermogenesis and is the energy we use for everything we do except for sleeping or exercising. This includes using the stairs instead of the lift, squatting on the floor to lift something up, or walking while talking on the phone. Every activity we do while being on our feet counts as NEAT.
  12. Find ways to de-stress: throughout your wedding planning journey to help keep your cortisol levels down. Ways to de-stress could include things like dancing, listening to music, doing outdoor activities, reading, etc. By managing your stress levels, you’ll be less likely to experience weight gain during this already stressful time!
  13. Drink Lots of Water: It’s no secret that water is essential for weight loss. Not only does it help to curb your appetite, but it also boosts your metabolism and helps you burn more calories. You can also consume 500 ml of plain water half an hour before each meal to eat fewer calories overall. This method is called “water preloading” and will make you feel full faster and for longer periods of time, helping you to eat less overall.
  14. If you want to avoid gaining belly fat, it’s important to get enough sleep each night. A lack of sleep can lead to weight gain, so aim for at least 7 hours of shut-eye each night.

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