5 Natural Home Remedies For Dark Lips

5 Natural Home Remedies For Dark Lips. Your lips are three times as sensitive as your skin, so they need more attention and care. Here are a few natural home remedies for dark lips.


  • Our lips are thrice as sensitive as your skin
  • There are many foods that can help take care of lips
  • Here are 5 natural home remedies to try for dark lips

If you’re wondering why your lips are suddenly looking darker, you’re not alone. Unless it’s genetic, there are several health, dietary and lifestyle factors that can cause lip discoloration.

If you smoke, for example, you may have darker lips than your non-smoking friends. Sometimes, cosmetics can also contain chemicals that can darken your lips.

A vitamin deficiency may also be a factor – so make sure to eat lots of fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C to help get rid of dark lips. Also, check the water quality at home – if it’s too high in fluoride or other minerals, it could be contributing to your dark lips.

Here are few natural home remedies to get rid of dark lips

1. Lemon

Lemon juice contains natural bleaching properties that can help to lighten and exfoliate your lips. To use this remedy, simply squeeze half a lemon and apply the juice to your lips daily, or take a thin slice of lemon and sprinkle sugar on top before rubbing it onto your lips.

Doing this daily for a few weeks will result in softer, smoother lips. The acidity in lemon juice also helps to remove any darkness and bring back your lips’ natural color.

2. Olive Oil

Did you know that olive oil can give you rosy pink lips and moisturize them too? Just mix one-half teaspoon of sugar and a few drops of extra virgin olive oil to prepare your own natural scrub.

Scrub your lips gently with this mixture once a week for best results. You can also use olive oil alone to protect your lips from drying out or becoming chapped. Just use it like any other commercially bought lip balm or chap-stick.

3. Rose Water

Rose water is a natural remedy that can help to soothe and moisturize your lips. Simply mix a drop of rose water with a teaspoon of honey, and apply it to your lips 2-3 times per day.

For an extra boost of hydration, you can mix a tablespoon of rose petal paste with one teaspoon of butter, honey, or milk cream, and apply the paste to your lips at least twice a day. (Check out this article for instructions on how to make rose water at home.)

4. Pomegranate 

Pomegranate, beetroot, and carrot juice can help bring the natural pinkish hue back to your lips. Mix together a tablespoon of each and apply it to your dark lips once daily for best results.

You can also use some milk and crushed pomegranate seeds to bring back the red rosy lips you once had. Thankfully, there are no known side-effects of any of these remedies, so you can use them on a daily basis.

5. Almond Oil

Almond oil is amazing for making your lips soft and smooth, and can even help reduce pigmentation. Apply the oil to your lips before bedtime, and you’ll see a difference in no time.

You can also mix lime juice with almond oil and apply it to your lips to prevent them from darkening. The emollient properties of almond oil will also rejuvenate your skin, while its sclerosant properties help lighten the lips and reduce any dark spots.

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