9 Power User Tips for Nova Launcher Prime on Android9 Power User Tips for Nova Launcher Prime on Android

9 Power User Tips for Nova Launcher Prime on Android. Is your device running slowly and lagging every other second? Does it have a lot memory with unused apps taking up all the space.

Are you getting seriously annoyed by not being able to make space for new apps, take few selfies or send some funny cat memes to your friend.

Nova Launcher Prime, undoubtedly the best android launcher app that helps us speed our device again, with 3000+ custom emoji’s, double tap an icon & hold to delete icons, hide apps in the for anything &everything about it.

With this guide down below we can help you clean up your device and end that annoying lag!

1. Add Deep Linking Search With Sesame Shortcuts

Android devices have a built-in search function that works but isn’t as effective as what you may be used to with Google’s OS.

To get quick results for the tasks that use it frequently, your best bet is to seek out third-party functionality that makes using it more efficient.

One app that is extremely useful in this regard is called Sesame Shortcuts, which can natively integrate with Nova Launcher.

The built-in integration gives you access to search YouTube subscriptions, subreddits, Slack channels, Spotify Playlists, Telegram chats, and Twitch.

2. Integrate the Google Discover Page

Discover is in many ways similar to Google Now where you can find all of the information you want in just one place. It even shows you local reviews, articles, and places nearby or of interest on a map.

You can customize it according to your needs, like seeing more sports articles in the mornings for example!

You’re an app enthusiast and want to try out the latest beauty from Google, aren’t you? If you haven’t yet heard about the new Discover feature, you’d better brace yourself for something seriously exciting!

This elegant app launcher is started by long-pressing the search bar of your device. The navigation drawer has 3 prominent tabs: All, Home and Collections. The last one is filled with cool apps recommended to testers like you who are always on a lookout for something promising that may be missing in their phone right now.

These can easily be downloaded directly through the Discover app since they are linked to it but you shouldn’t forget that only those who got approved as beta users get access to special offers at this time.

3. Customize Swipe Gestures

Nova Launcher provides users with a wide range of options, allowing them to fine-tune their launcher according to their own preferences.

An interesting feature, is the inclusion of Gestures which are also known as Quickpage Actions, they allow you to access and launch different features such as your most recently used apps or additional widgets etc.

Nova Settings Gestures: Swiping down on any empty space with one finger will bring up the Search screen, while a swipe upwards will reveal your Desktop page in the App Drawer.

If you’re new to Nova Launcher this is probably where you’d want to start by learning about various gestures and practice what does what so you can create a personalized home screen experience that fits your needs best!

To change your iPad’s display settings, open the Settings app and select Display & Brightness. You’ll see a number of options you can change here, including Night Shift.

For example, you can use Night Shift to make the screen less blue at night or turn on advanced display options like HDR or True Tone. Other display options include Guided Access, which helps account for some accessibility needs in children and adults.

4. Create a New Tab or Folder in the App Drawer

After you’ve installed your apps and arranged them how you like them, the app drawer can get messy. Luckily there’s no need to clog up your home screen with more screens in order to stay organized.

Nova Prime will let you create sub-categories in the app drawer to keep everything that belongs together grouped by its similarities instead of being scattered around everywhere!

To change the color of the tab at the bottom of your screen, go to Nova Settings > App Drawer and enable Tab bar. You can put it either on the top or on the bottom.

In a war, it’s important to have strategies laid out in advance. Take time beforehand to map out different approaches and ways to share information with your officers so that everyone is on the same page and in sync when you need them most!

5. Hidden Folder Swipe Gestures

Nova Prime lets you hide folders behind app icons. The first app in the folder hides all the other apps behind it. By using Smart covers, you can access the hidden apps and their related content featured here quickly and easily, while maintaining a clean home screen.

To get started, create a folder and add all the app icons. By default, folders show up with a 3D look (with shadows), but you can change this with a simple drag-and-drop.

Press your finger down on the folder until it jiggles and then drag the looks section to change its appearance.

6. Create Quick Shortcuts for App Actions

Nova Launcher has always let’s you set up a swipe action for any icon on the home screen. Now you can launch a related app by swiping up, or enable an app-related shortcut by tapping on the icon to open up the contextual menu and select Replacer.

If you don’t like options A, B, C then at least there are plenty of alternatives to choose from. A swipe down to the upper left opens up your email while one to the upper right goes to frequently used apps – just in case you’re not too fond of choosing specific apps for each task. This way you can quickly get things done without leaving any clutter on your home screen at all!

7. Use Dynamic Notification Badges

Notification badges were already built into the Nova, but it was necessary to use the separate TeslaUnread app and that proved to be a bit of a nuisance when it came to insuring that everything was in sync.

One of the big problems with using apps such as TeslaUnread was that they wouldn’t always show notifications consistently or content that would pop out at users every now and again – so that could feel like being spammed by your own phone!

Dynamic badges have been a blessing in disguise then because they take these notification badges and use their content to create an individualized badge instead.

You can now add a large number of small dots in the same way you can for regular badges. The refreshed visual design gives a better first impression and allows for easier repositioning with one resizing segment and a corner radius control (now rounded by default) at Nova Settings Notification badges.

8. Adaptive App Icons

Android can sometimes have a ton of icons, which is why you need to define a style for your app. You can accomplish this by going to Nova Settings and then look for Look and Feel.

There you’ll be able to find your icon theme, which will allow you to set things like round icons, curved square shaped icons, squircles (multi-corner squares), flower shaped ones and more!

9. Hide Apps From the Launcher

Now if you have certain apps that you don’t want to appear in your app drawer back at the home screen, this feature will allow you to clean up and organize the contents of your app drawer. In order for this to occur, please follow these all steps.

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