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The Science Behind Slots

One of the key purposes of this article is to provide you with a brief outline of the science of slots to help you make better online gambling decisions. Today we are excited to share an interesting article about the science behind online slots. Let’s get started!

The art of randomness

It is difficult to know what is happening in slot games when there is randomness at work. There is no way of knowing whether a person’s card will match up or not unless you know the algorithm in which its nearly impossible to crack or exploit.

A slot machine can go out of sequence, or it can give you a jackpot with a huge jackpot amount on a single card which proves that online casinos make real money for players. These things happen for several reasons, but often it’s randomness that causes them.

Some people believe that these kinds of games are somehow cheating, but this is not true. People who are betting on these games are getting a good deal and making sure they get to the top. It’s all based on chance.

The fact is that the more people bet on a game, the more chance there is of someone winning. This is why there are so many players in the world who can win millions of dollars from these casinos each year even if they happen to be newcomers or with no gambling skills at all.

The Random Number Generator or RNG

One cannot simply explain stuff about slot games without even mentioning RNG or Random Number Generator. Online casino games even the traditional machines that use software require the use of RNGs to replicate the feel of true randomness.

Random Number Generator is an algorithm that a computer generates to determine an unspecified, or rather, unpredictable result. This is why RNG is the way to go if we’re dealing with gambling games like online slots. It is certainly impossible to predict the outcome and as we go along, you’ll understand why.

2 types of RNGs

There are two types of RNGs. Hardware Random Number Generator which genuinely generates truly random numbers hence also called True Random Number Generator or TRNG. The other one is the Pseudo-Random Number Generator or PRNG where numbers only appear to look random.

How RNG works

At the heart of every RNG is what’s known as the ‘seed value’. A seed value is the beginning of every algorithm before it is executed repeatedly to generate a new set of numbers. It cycles on repeat and the seed can rely on factors such as mouse click patterns, button presses, calendar, or even the system clock.

The psychology behind slots

The psychology of online slot games is not something that just comes together in a flash. It takes practice and knowledge to be able to fully understand the psychology of slots and you should realize that it takes a considerable amount of time and effort to fully understand this concept.

One very interesting part of human psychology when it comes to playing online slots is what’s called the ‘trigger features’. According to Natasha Dow Schull, a cultural anthropologist, there are ways where casinos subconsciously grab the attention of players to keep them hooked.

These things can include any of the following:

·         Screen type

·         Sound

·         Location (placement)

·         Button usage

·         Near misses

·         Low bets

It should also be understood that the psychology behind slots is one that relies on certain principles. You need to realize that the way that slots work is a matter of probability. This is one of the many things that you need to consider when learning about casino slot machines.

This is because while you can gain some form of benefit from playing with slots at a casino or even playing at a computer game, you may as well forget about getting any sort of benefit from playing online slots at a computer game.


There are many ways that you can improve the odds of winning a slot game, but if you are interested in learning about the psychology behind online slots then you should look at the strategies that have been used in the past to figure out how to increase your winnings.