Today, non GamStop casino robbers have left aside shotguns and traditional techniques. On the one hand, it is extremely dangerous for them and on the other hand, because the security systems are worthy of the biggest banks on the planet. There is always the Sunday robber who will try to steal the cash register and other smarter ones who will make spectacular robberies, but they always end up getting caught. It is true that the world of non GamStop casinos is a beacon for all the scammers on the planet. Money is flowing. Today, hackers are the new robbers. What’s quite confusing for boobies is that they don’t always go straight for the money. And while that kind of behaviour can’t be encouraged, there are some bright, creative, gifted guys who have found better ways than slots to hit the jackpot but do so at their peril.

The Heist by Aquarium!

This robbery is mysterious because the non GamStop casino in question has done everything to ensure that no one goes back to it. We will not talk about millions of euros stolen, but about the complete database of customers. A qualified database, that is to say, targeted to a niche, and up to date, is worth gold on the black market. This is the world of Data. If you think Google’s wealth is its browser, you’re way off the mark.

The wealth of Google is all the information they collect about its users. Perhaps the biggest robbery of the 21st century will be done by a hacker who will steal Google’s database and perhaps its algorithm. The value of a database of casino customers will be very high on the black market. Logically, it is as protected as a safe. And it thought this casino operator must have had blind faith in his computer security. The director of Darktrace, a company specialising in online security, Nicole Eagan, reports the case. A hacker has succeeded in penetrating the non GamStop casino’s servers by hacking into a connected aquarium thermometer. He simply copied all of the casino’s ultra-sensitive player information like the list of the biggest customers at the moment. If this attempt may seem exotic, you should know that connected objects are real open doors, because too often, manufacturers forget security or simply fail to perform updates. The culprit is still at large and no one knows what happened to the data. We understand better why the casino wishes to remain anonymous.

The €250,000 Bug of a Non GamStop Casino

It’s hard to believe, but a young gambler stole 250,000 euros from a Maltese non GamStop casino. Explore the list of the best online casinos on  Again, the casino prefers to remain anonymous. The young man is not a hacker strictly speaking, but simply a clever opportunist.

This young Finn discovered a bug that simply allowed him to see all the current withdrawals from the casino. That in itself is unfortunate for privacy and confidentiality, but the worst is yet to come. He could cancel the withdrawals to redirect them to his bank account, in this case, an electronic wallet. He even credited his parents’ accounts! Where the young man was not clever is that in one month, he managed to steal, according to the casino, 250,000 euros. It’s not really discreet!

This error is so gross that this young man shows that he is far from being a hacker or a professional scammer. He simply took advantage of a bug without realising that he was putting the noose on his own. The casino quickly detected the scam and was surprised to discover that this young man was underage.

According to Maltese online gaming legislation, a minor is not allowed to open an account at an online casino. The young man embezzled more than 132,000 euros, according to the court. The 250,000 euros is the figure for the losses put forward by the casino, but the Justice does not was not convinced by the evidence provided. In addition, he was given a 20-month suspended prison sentence. By being a minor during the fraud, the young man barely avoids prison.


We must remind our readers that in a non GamStop casino, or even a store, taking advantage of a bug is just as illegal as hacking a site. It is therefore strongly discouraged to play this little game, especially since the casino will always end up discovering the pot of roses. Slot machines to knock down the jackpot are still the least dangerous solution. 

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