Indians see cricket beyond a sport. It is a dream for the youngsters and entertainment for the elderly. Cricket is a religion here, in the land of the god of cricket, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. This popularity makes Online Cricket Betting ID on the game so popular. As a result, the cricket betting industry in India is growing by leaps and bounds. With the Indian fantasy sports industry expected to touch 2.5 billion USD, cricket betting is set to increase. The industry (more than 80% of which is cricket) is growing at a CAGR of 32%. It is expected to be worth 3.7 billion USD by 2024. Cricket is so intriguing that on match days, everyone is busy googling “Who will win today’s cricket match astrology?” Here are the probable 6 causes of such exponential growth of online cricket betting:

1.  It is different from illegal gambling: The legality factor

The Public Gambling Act of 1867 has no obvious and unequivocal say on online betting. So inadvertently, there is no provision against betting online. Also, the law does not bar games of skills, and those into cricket predictions can say that it needs special skills. Because this is not illegal, unlike conventional street gambling, this receives better reception. With cricket update easily accessible, there is a lot of research available to make better moves.

2. It is easily accessible: Increasing accessibility with increasing connectivity

This is the most significant factor contributing to the rise in online cricket betting in India. Cricket updates reach almost all corners of the country. This is because of increasing internet access. With this rise comes a rise in Cricket ID betting. Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world, and thus, Indians enjoy playing and betting on it. With widespread connectivity, more and more people enter the arena.

3. Cricket and the emotions attached: A way to support favorite teams/ players.

Indian people enjoy the game, and betting becomes a means to support their favorite teams/players. They tune in to the match just to watch the men-in-blue play, and they play their wagers accordingly. Because there are emotions involved, the betting market receives so much attention.

Cricket excites everyone, the kids try to imitate their favorites, and the elderlies tell their tales. The sport has a special place in the hearts and is played on the city streets. This makes cricket different from other popular games like football.

4. IPL factor: So many matches to bet on

Another important factor contributing to the popularity of online betting is the number of matches being played. Cricket sees a saga of tournaments, and this brings ample opportunities for players off the field. Indians cherish the Indian Premier League for the same reason, and it brings a rise in players in the fantasy arena. Indians may be divided over which team to support. The urge to make the best move becomes the uniting factor.

5. Easy money and hassle-free withdrawal

Getting your moves right will bring you lucrative rewards. These can be withdrawn instantly if you are playing on a credible fantasy platform. The user-friendly interfaces and easy money brings a surge in popularity. Wagers are played to generate handsome profits with little or no effort at all.

6. It is safe: No one is running away with your money   

The servers used by credible fantasy platforms are secure and encrypted. There is negligible risk of fraud, and the betting market depends on such factors. Indians find it easier and safer than playing it offline, where the risk factors are higher. There is no risk of people running away with your money, and the environment is private. 

Conclusion: How is this poised to grow?

These reasons have majorly contributed to such a growth in the online cricket betting industry. The figures tell the remaining story. With gross revenues touching 2400 crore in FY20, we can expect a better figure every year. With the IPL set to return, and the entry of more companies in the fantasy market, it is set to grow. The Indian love for cricket is the same as the Canadian love for the CFL. But because 125 crore people love the same sport, it is poised to grow at such exponential rates.



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