If you’re new to the world of sex toy tester, you might not know that choosing the right toy can be a complicated process. While sex toys all serve different purposes and have various different functions, there are some variables to take into consideration each time you buy one: what is the toy made of? Is the toy waterproof? Is the toy safe for my body? 

And when it comes to picking the right toy for your desires and envies, there are even more factors to consider when making your choice! Does this toy vibrate, does my toy need batteries, does my vibrator make lots of noise? To make things simple, we’ve created a handy beginner’s guide to sex toys, so that you can make informed choices no matter your level of experience. 

What are the benefits of sex toys?

Sex toys are scientifically proven to be beneficial for our overall wellbeing. Not only do they help us reach orgasm more easily – which liberates happy hormones and endorphins – but sex toys also help us connect with our bodies and overhaul negative body image. When we are able to make ourselves orgasm and derive pleasure from our bodies, we can foster a healthier self-image and gain body confidence. 

How to pick the right sex toy?


When it comes to picking out a sex toy, avoid materials containing phthalates: phthalates are toxins, which can cause all kinds of health problems if they leak from your sex toy. Prioritize body-friendly silicone and ABS plastic, as these are non-porous materials that are easy to keep clean. Porous materials such as soft plastic should be avoided when possible – if you have a porous toy, clean it thoroughly after each use. 

Size Matters

When it comes to sex toys, size matters. When picking out an insertable sex toy such as a dildo or butt plug, look at the toy’s dimensions: not just its length but the girth and width. Also, look at the toy’s tip: larger tips might be more difficult for beginners, whereas dildos that become progressively thicker might be more adaptable. 

Is it customizable?

In the world of sex toys, variety is the spice of life. So when picking out a sex toy, check that the toy is customizable according to your needs. For example, when picking out a vibrator, you’ll want to make sure that the vibe comes with various settings, speeds, and intensities. This keeps things fun in the bedroom, allowing beginners to work up to higher intensities instead of being overpowered by ultra-powerful vibrations. 

Can I use a sex toy with my partner?

Sex toys are great to use during sex, especially for women. Recent studies have found that only 18% of women are able to orgasm from penetrative sex alone, which means that involving clitoral or other external stimulation during sex is essential. This is where a vibrator comes in: vibrators are super powerful, discreet (sometimes!), and easier to incorporate into sex than fingers or hands. Bullet vibrators are your best bet for enhancing penetrative sex: bullet vibes are small, sleek, and easy to slip onto your hot spots in most positions. 

Male sex toys are also great to incorporate into penetrative sex: penis sleeves and cock rings are both common, beginner-friendly penis toys, both of which are designed to enhance sensations during penetration by adding length, texture, and girth to the wearer’s shaft.  

How to use a sex toy with my partner? 

Before using a sex toy with a partner, first, try to communicate that you’d like to experiment with toys during your intimate time together. Some partners might become defensive, believing that the sex toy will “replace” them in the relationship or that their sexual capacities no longer satisfy you. Make sure to reassure them that this is not the case: sex toys exist to enhance, not replace, your intimacy with your partner. 

Here are some diplomatic ways to talk about using a sex toy with your partner:

“Wouldn’t it be fun to try out that new [sex toy]? I see adverts for it everywhere.”
“I read an article about a really interesting [sex toy]; we could have fun trying it out.”
“I want to focus on the moment with you during sex, so I’m going to place a vibrator on my clit instead of my hands.”

Best Sex Toys for Beginners

If we’ve convinced you about the endless merits of sex toys and you want to try one out for the first time, you’re in luck! We’ve created a list of the best sex toys for beginners, so take a look and see what looks the best for you.

Bullet Vibrators

Best for: Use during penetrative sex, external stimulation

Top Pick: Le Wand Bullet Vibrator 

Bullet vibrators are ideal for discreet use and are particularly useful during penetrative sex. Simply slip it onto your (or your partner’s) clitoris during sex for explosive blended orgasms. Le Wand’s Bullet Vibrator is a great quality pick: whisper-quiet, with 11 customizable settings, this toy will give you pinpoint precision, while the textured surface will also give you enhanced sensations.

Wand Massagers

Best for: Super powerful vibrations, external stimulation

Top Pick: Dame Products “Com” Wand

Wand massagers are some of the most powerful vibrators on the market: they’re mostly for use on the external body, especially the clitoris. Dame Products’ new Com Wand is a great beginner choice: this sex toy is made with 100% body-safe silicone, with 5 vibration patterns and 5 intensities, letting you customize your pleasure according to your needs. 

Cock Rings

Best for: Endurance, intense penetration

Top Pick: Je Joue Mio Vibrating Cock Ring

When it comes to a great penis toy and couples toy, you can’t go wrong with a cock ring. Cock rings will keep your penis harder for longer while vibrating cock rings will provide enhanced sensations for you and your partner during sex. (welloflife.com) For a high-quality, durable pick, Je Joue’s Mio Vibrating Cock Ring makes for an excellent starter toy. Rumbly, solid, and fabricated with luxury silicone, this toy will take your sex life to new levels.  
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Air suction vibrators

Best for: Stimulating oral sex
Top pick: Womanizer Premium 2

If you have a clitoris and you love receiving oral sex, an air suction vibrator is a great choice for your first sex toy. Air suction vibrators use powerful vibrations and innovative technology to stimulate the same sensations that you love during oral sex. If you’re looking for a trusty vibrator loved for its powerful suction capacities, the Womanizer Premium 2 is a great – if expensive – choice. This toy boasts 14 intensity levels and uses innovative technology to stimulate the clitoris without any direct contact: the air stimulates and massages the clitoris, giving you the impression of mind-blowing oral sex whenever you want it! 
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Small Dildos

Best for: Stimulating real sex, beginner anal play

Top pick: Fun Factory Limba Flex

If you’re looking to experiment with penetration or anal play, a small dildo is your best bet. Small dildos are best for beginners, as you can work your way up to larger and girthier dildos the more experienced you become. Fun Factory’s Limba Flex Dildo is the perfect first-timer toy: made with body-friendly silicone, this dildo comes with a bendy, tapered tip that you can adjust according to your needs. Its 4.5 insertable inches and 1.2 diameter makes it perfect for sex toy beginners, whether you want to use it for vaginal or anal penetration. 
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Buying Your First Sex Toy: Key Points to Remember

Hopefully this guide has helped you learn more about sex toys. As we conclude our beginner’s guide to sex toys, here’s a checklist of things to remember when picking out your first toy. Happy orgasming!

  • Materials: prioritize non-porous materials
  • Always check the size! Length, width, and girth
  • Is it waterproof?
  • Does it come with a USB charger?
  • Does it have a travel lock?
  • Is it created by a reputable sex toy provider?
  • Can I use it with my partner
  • And finally – will I love it? 


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