If there’s one thing that makes each and every human body nervous, it’s what to expect to act after sex . Having sex (or love) at times can be a challenge, but that doesn’t mean it’s a problem. It’s hard to know what might be coming, what kind of reactions or attitudes to expect from the other person. And every beginning, whether it’s a relationship, attraction or getting to know someone can bring surprises. Even with one of the beautiful escorts available in Sydney.

Stages in sexual intercourse to act after sex

A sexual relationship has its stages usually marked with desire, arousal, orgasm and resolution. This is the most intimate moment after sex which allows for conversation and exchanges of affection. At this stage of sex, or better said, post-sex, men usually behave in a very different way to women. It doesn’t always mean that he’s not in the mood or that he didn’t like that sex where he thought he had great chemistry.

And this moment is what ends up making men quieter and even more mechanical after finishing sex. All that euphoria that was seen before disappears and it can even be a very, very strange moment, depending on how you can understand the situation at that exact moment after so much excitement.

On the other hand, women end up being more affectionate, closer to their partner after sexual intercourse. This doesn’t mean that men can’t want the same thing, no! But the truth is that biologically each one is “designed” differently, and this directly influences the reactions and attitudes that each one presents after sex.

Still, it is clear that a man even with these biological conditions that can bring coldness and distance, so to speak, should avoid getting up, turn sideways in bed and sleep. Even if it costs, it is always good to remember that the after sex should also be enjoyed in a special way. And it’s not just a matter of chatting and spending time in bed. Non-verbal language is even more important and can demonstrate what was felt both before and during the encounter until sex. A cuddle, a hug or even a head on the shoulder can say a lot about who is there sharing that special moment. 

Important details to act after sex

And if there’s one fatal mistake that can ruin any sex, even after it’s over, is to leave aside the moments that can be special after this involvement, which can be unpleasant and create a situation of discomfort due to the lack of importance of this moment that should be of connection. And this may lead some, or almost all, to think that it may not be a good idea to repeat the dose in the future.

However, it is always good to avoid some details after sex. Each and every person has sometimes said some absurd or totally unnecessary things in intimacy. Not to mention small attitudes that also make a person want to disappear from that place at that moment. All right, it can happen, but it is not the end of the world since it is a special moment, perhaps unforgettable and very pleasurable.

On one hand we have the group of: I have to go away, it even seems that he finished an obligation and runs away. On the other side there are more and more cases of women complaining that at the end of sex men ask the question: do you want me to call the Uber? If the woman you stayed with is one of the sexy Irish escort available in Dublin, they may appreciate the offer, but not all women will see it as a compliment. Between the lines it means that the fun is over and you no longer have room to continue there at that moment. Please… the shame is great and so is your attitude! And this is something that happens all over the world.

Tips for them

And speaking of advice on how to act or not act after sex, one has to be direct here. Not everyone who is having sex with another person wants a relationship. And not everyone who shows affection is thinking they’re the great love of that life. “I don’t want anything serious” can end any magical moment no matter how good it was! These are 4 dispensable words that can be said outside of 4 walls, with clothes and a coffee or beer! 

Not to mention sexual comparisons with other people, which can sometimes happen, is a much bigger issue than hurting your partner’s pride, it is disrespectful to your old and future relationships as well. It is important not to talk about other experiences if they might offend or diminish what is done between two people. Each person has their own story and try to improve or enhance the sex you are having.

If you want to take a refreshing bath before sex, or even afterwards because you’re hot, or because you simply want to, you have to be gentle. Ask your partner if he or she is interested too; after all, it’s a moment for two. This goes for everyone, it’s OK to show what you want. Who knows, maybe this invitation will make sex even more special.

Finally here’s a tip that nowadays should be law is to avoid messing on the phone after sex, something that is damaging many relationships in general and does not cease to affect even sex. Do not waste time with this distraction is a very valuable advice. Enjoying the moment and enjoying every detail with respect and being attentive to other people’s wishes doesn’t cost much. In another moment it will be the right time to check notifications and social networks. The priority now is to give and receive affection, talk, learn a little about the person you’re interested in.

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