Live casino has been a popular part of online gaming for many years, allowing players the opportunity to get a slice of the casino atmosphere – with a live dealer being streamed from a specialist studio – directly to your device. Live casino games really are a glimpse to the future, with animations and graphics so vibrant that it more than makes up for the fact that you’re not really at a land-based casino.

Not only can you play live, but you can join the live casino chat, enabling you to communicate with the dealer as if you were in the room with them. And, the wonders of live casino don’t end there, as there are huge varieties of themed games you just wouldn’t find in a brick-and-mortar casino. 

Now, not only can you watch television, but you can play it too, with these exciting games – based on the classic gameshows we all know and love. Read on to find out what games you can play to become the next virtual contestant. 

Spin a Win

Much like the popular television gameshow, Wheel of Fortune – Spin a Win is Playtech’s online version of the classic game. Become the next contestant as you place your bet on whatever segments take your fancy. Betting isn’t limited to just numbers and colours, but also odd/even and multiplier segments, all offering different pay-outs! Wagers can only be placed whilst betting is open, as once the live dealer spins the wheel, there’s nothing you can do but watch, and hope! 

Gameplay starts from just 0.10 coins, and Spin a Win offers the opportunity for players to win up to 40x your bet in a single spin! Not only this, but the game features eight exciting multipliers spread across the wheel, which could turn this 40x win into a win worth a whopping 280x your bet! The colourful segments display multipliers of 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x and 40x your bet, and with 52 sections surrounding the wheel, you won’t want to miss out on this technicolour game! 

Deal or No Deal

If you think you have what it takes to beat the banker, then Deal or No Deal Live is the game for you! This game features the classic symbols of the television game show – including those famous red boxes! For this virtual version of the game, you’ll find 16 boxes, each with a number displayed on the front. Before the game can start, you’ll have to spin a wheel and fill up three matching segments. 

Once you’ve succeeded, gameplay can begin, and you can start selecting boxes at random, which will be removed from gameplay. Throughout the live game, the Banker will call up and make offers. If you accept an offer, that amount is credited to your account, but if you select ‘No Deal’, then the game continues and the excitement builds. If you make it all the way through to the end, you’ll then get asked the ultimate question: stick or switch? Whichever box you choose, is the amount you’ll receive and again, will be credited to your account.

Monopoly Live

Whilst Monopoly is not a gameshow as such, it’s a true classic that we just couldn’t bear to miss it off this list. In fact, it’s such a classic that it’s available to play live in gameshow format, where the original 1935 game is re-mastered. 

All elements of the classic game are found on the wheel, where chance segments and the iconic Mr. Monopoly make an appearance amongst the streets, hotels and even the jail! To play, you must wager anything from 0.10 to 5,000 credits, depending on your bankroll, and then try and guess which segment the wheel will land on. It really is as simple as that! 

If you land on a ‘chance’ segment, you’ll be randomly rewarded either a cash payout or a multiplier bonus. There is even a bonus game, where you’ll be transported to a virtual 3D world. Here, place bets on the roll of the dice to experience the board game fun with Mr. Monopoly himself. 

On top of this, there are two mini-games, and, much like the board game, the best segments to land on are the royal blue properties – Mayfair and Park Lane – where you could find a 10x multiplier to further boost your bankroll. The live dealer will take you on your journey through the virtual streets of the game, helping you to enjoy the classic features in this new, exciting way to play! 

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