Cricket betting in India has been rapidly gaining popularity in India for some time now. It is the field of betting on the sport that has taken a huge share in the cricket betting market. 

There are several reasons for this strong growth in popularity: 

  • Cricket is the national sport in India;
  • India has a population of nearly 1.5 billion people;
  • India’s developing economy;
  • Lots of publicity and PR efforts.

Due to these factors, online cricket betting in India has the current popularity and probably will not stop there. More and more people are constantly looking for bookmakers and start betting on cricket.

Problems before you start betting

Finding a bookmaker is an extremely important process. The upcoming betting experience depends on it. However, after finding the right bookmaker, many people have the question of how to register and what they need to know before the process. 

Types of registration

Registration is the first stage, which may raise some questions for the newcomer. Therefore we have created general instructions on how to complete the registration process. It is worth bearing in mind that different bookmakers make different registration options available to their customers:

  • Standard registration;
  • Registration by e-mail;
  • Registration by phone number;
  • One-click registration;
  • Registration with social networks. 

These are the most common types of registration. By the name of the type of registration, you can understand how to complete it. 

Standard registration on the official website 

The most usual type of registration is the standard registration on the bookmaker’s website for cricket betting. It is the most common one, so we decided to look into it. 

  1. Go to the official website of the online bookmaker and find the registration button;
  2. After clicking on it, a pop-up window will appear with some fields;
  3. Depending on the bookmaker, the fields may have completely different values (some may ask for your passport details, while others will only need your name and country of residence);
  4. After filling in the fields, you will need to confirm your registration.

This concludes the process. Your account has been created. And, most likely, right after that the bookmaker will ask you to make a deposit.

Conditions for withdrawal

If you make a deposit, be prepared for the fact that if you want to withdraw your money, they will not let you do so. Many people have serious questions at this stage and some start calling the bookmaker a cheat. However, this is not always the case. All you probably have to do is verify your account. This usually involves taking some photos to prove your identity and where you live. 

Although many people forget about verification immediately after registering, this can also be called one of the steps in the registration process.

Can I register several accounts at once? 

Unfortunately, almost every bookmaker in existence does not allow you to have 2 or more accounts. The reasoning behind this is that having more than one account gives one person some advantages.

Usually, when a second account is detected, the bookmaker will block both accounts. Often, a client whose fraud has been detected is not allowed to create another account at a later date.


Our instructions are based on years of experience. It may not be specific at all, but different bookmakers have different requirements for new clients when registering. That is why no specific steps can be specified. We hope that you have found our instructions useful and that you have learned some new things from this article. 

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