Giving or receiving pleasure is nothing to be afraid of, but if you are, this article will teach you how to prepare for oral sex and how to practice sensual oral sex . Remember, everyone starts somewhere!

How to Prepare to Give Oral Sex

Giving a blowjob can seem intimidating, but it’s a learnable skill that you’ll get in no time. Here’s what to do before oral sex: 

 1. Discuss sexual history

Deepthroat as much as a mood killer using condoms can be, remember that it’s better to be safe than sorry, and giving someone a blowjob without protection can result in STIs. A good option is to have an honest conversation with your partner way in advance and consider getting tested together.

 2. Watch porn for tips

While porn doesn’t reflect the reality when it comes to many elements of sex, some videos can give you good pointers on what to do during a blowjob. Skip those that showcase a man grabbing his partner by the hair and forcing her to deep throat, and focus on those where the woman is in charge. You want to start slowly and do what feels comfortable. 

 3. Consider if you want to spit or swallow or let him finish somewhere on your body

Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to swallow because it’s a sign of respect for your partner or because if you don’t, you won’t be good enough. Do what you feel the most comfortable with. It’s true that spitting isn’t the sexiest thing to do, but respecting each other’s boundaries definitely is. Even if you’re having sex with a casual partner, that doesn’t give him the right to pressure you to do something you don’t want to. A good option is also letting him finish somewhere on your body. Make sure to discuss this beforehand and ask him to let you know when he’s ready to come to avoid surprises. 

 4. Practice with sex toys

Practice makes perfect! If you own a sex toy, the easiest way to prepare for giving a blowjob is practicing with a prop, like a dildo. Try to put all the advice you’ve learned from porn to practice and help your mouth get used to this kind of exertion. Most dildos are bigger than an average penis, so regularly practicing on a toy can make the actual blowjob much easier. 

 5. Consider talking to your partner at the same time

No one is great at blowjobs when they start, but you can definitely make the experience more pleasurable by talking to your partner while you’re doing the deed. This is also helpful because it allows your jaw to rest and, trust me, it will get tired. You can simply tell your partner how much you enjoy pleasing him or say how nice his penis is. You can also ask him for feedback and go from there. 

How to prepare for oral sex: the technique

 1. Avoid using your teeth.

Nothing can ruin a blowjob like getting your teeth involved. If your mouth is small, you can cover your teeth with your lips to avoid hurting your partner.

 2. Keep eye contact

This just makes the whole experience a lot more intimate and arousing. 

 3. Don’t just move your head up and down; try to involve your tongue as well

You can start by gently stimulating the head of his penis with your tongue and then put it in your mouth. 

 4. Use your hands 

You can use your hands at the same time or alternate between using your hands and your mouth to let it have a break. 

 5. Use your breath

It’s a great way to tease him and warm him up before you start using your tongue. 

 6. Explore other erogenous zones

Male erogenous zones are potent pleasure areas. Don’t just focus on his shaft; try to be a bit more creative than that. For example, you can play with his balls or kiss his thighs. 

 7. Don’t deep throat if you’re likely to gag

Deep throating looks cool in porn, but it’s not essential to make the experience enjoyable, and needless to say, gagging isn’t attractive. Or is it? 

 8. Pick the pace when he’s close to orgasm

Some women think they have to go fast from the start, but it’s best to alternate between different paces and then pick it up at the end. 

 9. Keep baby wipes on hand

Things can get pretty messy and if you want to avoid an embarrassing trip to the bathroom, keep wipes nearby. 

How to Prepare to Receive Oral Sex

Just like giving, receiving pleasure can make you feel self-conscious, especially if you don’t know how to prepare for it. Here’s what to do before oral sex if you’re the one receiving it: 

 1. Get used to how your body looks like

Getting ready for oral sex isn’t just about making sure your private parts are clean but also about preparing yourself mentally. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of stigma around the appearance of vulvas, and many women might feel ashamed about what their body part looks like. But it’s important to remember that vulvas, just like penises, come in all shapes and sizes. To feel less insecure and get used to your anatomy, learn to love your vulva and explore your vulva in front of the mirror. You’d be surprised how many women have no idea how they look down there. 

 2. Experiment with sex toys

There aren’t many sex toys that mimic the sensation of receiving oral sex, but there are some! You can consider trying out a clit sucker or simply experimenting with a vibrator; this will tell you which parts of your clitoris are the most sensitive so that you’ll be able to direct your partner during the act. 

3. Improve your hygiene

Getting ready for oral sex should also involve appropriate cleaning. Ideally, you should wash yourself right before your partner goes down on you, but you can also use wet wipes to clean your labia, especially the inner part, to remove the white residue. Additionally, consider whether you want to shave completely, trim your hair or leave it the way it is. This is a very individual preference, and having more hair doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t clean, but it might mean you might have to have a shower instead of relying on wipes. 

 4. Make sure it’s not that time of the month

If you’re wondering how to prepare for oral sex, don’t forget to choose the right time. If your period tends to come unexpectedly, make sure it’s nowhere near yet. There’s probably nothing more embarrassing than suddenly starting to bleed while someone is going down on you. 

 5. Consider getting tested for STIs

Oral sex still has risks, and female condoms aren’t very popular yet. To keep your partner and yourself safe, consider getting tested before engaging in sexual activity. 

 6. Improve your diet

If you want your vaginal discharge to taste sweeter, include fruits in your diet, such as pineapples. But remember not to overthink this too much. You’ll never taste or smell like roses, and you aren’t supposed to.

And whether you’re giving or receiving, don’t forget to try different positions; lying down, standing, or from the back – experiment to find one that feels the most pleasurable for both. 

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