The world of gaming is continuously evolving. Irrespective of the genre, the games are gaining an audience on online platforms. Rummy is one of the traditional games which has a large fan base in both offline and online modes. But the game requires you to be skilled enough to deal with your cards. So, it is crucial for you to know how to play rummy and understand the tricks to implement in order to win the game. GetMega offers you an ideal platform where you can learn and improve your skills in rummy. You can play the game any time of the day here. Besides, get to interact with the connoisseurs of the game on this platform. You can also indulge in playing games from various categories like casual, trivia and card games on GetMega and learn How To Play Rummy. 

Know the rules of playing rummy through this article. Along with it, get an insight into the tricks to apply while playing the game. This will help you comprehend the game better and win the game subsequently. 

Basic rules of playing rummy with 13 cards

  • From two decks of 52 cards, the randomly chosen dealer deals the cards to each player. 
  • The cards left with the dealer are placed on the virtual table used to play the game. These cards which remain after the distribution of 13 cards to each player become the stockpile. 
  • The first card on the stockpile is placed on the table facing up. This card begins the discard pile. 
  • After getting the cards, sort them properly. You can choose any strategy that you feel will increase your probability of winning. Suit-wise to make sequences and rank-wise to make sets. 
  • The game starts from the dealer’s left side and continues in an anti-clockwise pattern.
  • Whenever you feel that you have cards that cannot be used to make a set or sequence, you can replace them with another card. Take a card from either the pile of discards or the stockpile.  
  • When your turn comes you will have to end it by discarding one of your cards. 
  • However, if you have an ideal group of cards called melds, you can have a declaration of your hand. That implies you have to place that group of cards on the table in order to let your opponents look at them. 
  • The participant who declares in a valid manner first wins the pot.
  • On the other hand, the points of the rest of the players are calculated by summing up the points of their cards. In that case, the upper limit of points is 80. 

How to make a valid declaration in a rummy game and How To Play Rummy?

You have to make either a set or a sequence to better your possibility of winning. Below are the ways in which you can have a declaration that is valid.

  • Make either of the two types of sequence. The first one is a pure sequence, which means that you have to have a combination of 3 or more cards from the same suit but having different ranks. On the other hand, the second type, an impure sequence resonates with the card combination similar to that of a pure sequence but has an additional joker card.
  • You can even make a set to make a valid declaration. A set is a combination of cards which has 3 or 4 cards having the same rank. However, they should be from different suits. 
  • Now you have to compulsorily have 2 sequences and one of them has to be pure in nature. 
  • For the remaining cards, you can make any type of sequence and set. 

Parameters for allotting scores and How To Play Rummy

The points are allotted to each card as per the following rules in 13 card rummy game.

  • The cards which are numbered from 2 to 10 get points equivalent to the face value of the cards. For instance, a 5 from ♠ then the points dedicated to this card will be 5. 
  • In the case of the Royal cards i.e. the Queen, Jack and the King have 10 points allotted to each of them. 
  • The ace cards have 10 points allotted to them. 
  • Besides, the Joker card in an impure sequence gets 0 points.

Applicable tricks to have a victorious rummy game of 13 cards and How To Play Rummy

Implementation of the right tactics is crucial in determining your fate in a game of rummy.  Some of the major tricks that can save you a rummy jackpot are given below.

  • When you have to discard a card make sure the card is of a high value as compared to the rest of the cards in your meld. Your aim is to get the least points. So, getting rid of high-value cards will increase the possibility of you getting lower points. 
  • Keep a keen eye on the discarded of the other participants. This helps you assess the type of cards present with them. 
  • You should also avoid having a discard as much as possible. Every discard you have, the opponents have a better understanding of your meld. 
  • The Sooner you make at least two sequences, the possibility of you getting higher points will decrease. 
  • Jokers play a significant role in setting a game. Make sure to use it wisely. Try to make an impure sequence with higher values of cards. 
  • Arrange your cards systematically in advance to avoid dilemmas while playing the game. 
  • Whenever you have the same value cards try to discard one of them. This confuses the opponents and gives them a wrong idea about your cards. 

Hence, winning a rummy game of 13 cards is possible by properly applying the rules of the game. Speaking of online rummy, there’s a platform for you and that is GetMega. GetMega offers you a chance to play a legal game and win cash prizes. With that, it enables you to instantly withdraw the won prize money and have it in your bank account. Every game in this portal provides you with the opportunity to win cash rewards. Further, if you refer the portal to people you get to earn referral bonuses. 

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