Online casino platforms are becoming more numerous with every passing day, and are targeting emerging markets like India with particular enthusiasm. As the digital revolution continues to sweep across India, so the number of residents playing online casino games will also increase.

That means a whole lot of inexperienced casino gamers stepping through the virtual doors of online casinos every day. The sheer choice of games can be a little overwhelming and it is hard to know where to start. Some casinos offer new players some free spins on a specific slot game. That’s fine if so, and it helps you decide. But if there is no such special incentive, leave the slots alone for now and head for the roulette wheel.  

Equal opportunities for all at the roulette wheel 

Sit down at a poker table with five other more experienced players and you might learn plenty but you’re unlikely to win anything. At the roulette wheel, however, experience counts for nothing. If you bet black every time and a more experienced player continuously bets red, you’ll both finish approximately level after 30 minutes or so of play. 

Low volatility is ideal for a modest bankroll 

On a standard game of European roulette (the wheel with only a single zero and no double zero) all the usual bets have the same house edge of 2.7 percent. Mathematically, it doesn’t matter whether you go for a straight up, let’s say “22 black” or one of the even money bets, let’s say “red.” However, with straight ups, prepare to be disappointed for most of the time. The even money bets are more fun because you are constantly in the action. Also, when you have a more or less even chance of winning, there is less risk of exposure to a catastrophic bad run. It means you can experiment with betting progressions like the martingale system. 

Play roulette anywhere 

With some games, and in particular with slots, you can only find certain titles at certain casinos. This is usually when the platform has agreements in place with specific developers like Netent or Microgaming. However, roulette is a game that gamblers in India and the rest of the world can find anywhere. Review sites like Gamble Online provide tips on the casinos offering the best deals, so check out the list at, choose the site that appeals to you and then head across to the table games section. 

Roulette is fun and exciting 

It’s fine going through these pragmatic reasons to play roulette, but let’s not lose sight of why we visit an online casino in the first place. It should be with the primary objective of having fun, and roulette is a game that delivers in spades. In a physical casino, the roulette wheel is usually the most lively place to be, and if you choose a live table when you play online, that sense of fun and excitement is captured in a way that you just don’t see with other games. Good luck, and most of all, enjoy!   



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