The brain is one of the most important organs in our body and as such it needs to be exercised. In the same way that a sedentary lifestyle affects our muscles and joints, the lack of brain activity can condition our ability to concentrate, remember and reason.

Fortunately, it is possible to “work” the brain in a fun way with the help of some games specifically designed to improve our brain performance.

Exercising gray matter daily is an excellent way to improve our health and well-being and prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, depression or anxiety.

Emotional intelligence: poker

Excellent emotional control is the key to winning any poker game.

Our thinking is inextricably linked to our emotions, so developing good emotional intelligence is fundamental.

At the moment, no game fits like poker. Even though poker involves an element of luck, it is an exciting card game that challenges our brains on all levels.

It is ideal for improving our ability to analyze behavior, concentration, memory and patience. It’s a game that tests the limits of our own emotional control and forces us to think effectively in moments of great pressure.

Playing poker with friends is a great way to exercise your mind, but modern poker is mostly played online.

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Logical Reasoning: Sudoku

Sudoku is a game of Japanese origin that became a real world phenomenon about 15 years ago. Sudoku has declined in popularity over the past decade, but this Asian puzzle remains one of the best brain teasers available online.

There are dozens or even hundreds of free Sudoku programs with different modes and levels of difficulty. But how does Sudoku affect our brain?

Sudoku is known to be a challenging logic puzzle that improves our reasoning ability. In addition, it requires a lot of concentration and memory, so it is a very complete brain exercise.

Solving a Sudoku puzzle for the day is a great way to develop these skills.

General Culture: Random Trivia Generator

A good way to test the limits of our brain is to test the limits of our knowledge. Having a basic knowledge of general culture is also important for social reasons, as it helps us to be more interesting and conversational people.

There are several general culture games on the Internet, from lesser-known applications to authentic hits like “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.” However, few are as practical as the Random Trivia Generator.

Random Trivia Generator is a very simple website where users have access to a series of general knowledge questions and their answers.

It’s a great way to test our memory and general knowledge. Plus, it’s ideal for learning more about topics as disparate as history, literature, science, or pop culture.

Concentration: Brain Age Concentration Training

Concentration is especially important for students and developing children.

Of all the brain games on our list, Brain Age Concentration Training is perhaps the least accessible. After all, it was released as a video game for the Nintendo 3DS system and is relatively hard to find, even in online stores.

However, it is full of extremely useful brain exercises that are specially designed to develop our ability to concentrate.

It’s a perfect game for developing children, students who need to concentrate for hours on end, or adults who simply want to improve their concentration skills.

Brain Age Concentration Training offers a myriad of brain games that help to improve not only our ability to concentrate but also our logical and mathematical thinking. It is also available for the Nintendo Wii console.

Mental health: Lumosity and other apps with daily challenges

If your desire is to exercise your brain to the fullest, joining an application like Lumosity is practically mandatory. There are several applications that work based on the model of Lumosity, the best known app of its kind.

These apps contribute to your mental health because they offer you a series of daily brain challenges that can considerably improve your intelligence, memory and thinking speed.

As a daily puzzle app, Lumosity works as a cumulative brain exercise regimen. Adding such an application to your daily routine can be an excellent way to improve your health and well-being.

In the same way that a healthy diet can do wonders for our stomach or intestines, a daily dose of mental exercise can be the key to “winding up” our brains.

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